4 percent rule no longer valid

Is the 4% Rule for Estimating Retirement Income Still Valid?

Date: 04/20/2018 By: Terry Laxton | Linkedin | Better Money Method, Founder


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Today’s Americans are more scared of running out of money in retirement than they are of dying!

That sounds shocking but people are living longer than ever and unfortunately the traditional rules and guidelines, not to mention methods of saving for retirement, have not kept up.

Conventional wisdom says it’s safe to rely on a blend of income from your IRA/401(K) or other qualified or non-qualified account plus your social security during retirement. In fact, many advisers will tell you that you can withdraw 4% per year from your retirement accounts and your money will last for at least 30 years.

The “Four Percent Rule,” as it is called, has been standard in retirement income planning for years, however today’s research demonstrates today’s retirees have a whopping 57% percent chance of running out of money if they follow the 4% withdrawal strategy!

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