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Taking the Risk out of Retirement (FREE eBook!)

Date: 02/28/2018 By: Terry Laxton | Linkedin | Better Money Method, Founder


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Are you worried about your retirement? You aren’t alone.

Don’t let changes in the stock market steal your retirement savings. Don’t let Uncle Sam take it all either.

Download your FREE eBook to find out more.

Terry Laxton will tell you how the Better Money Method will help you:

  • Avoid loss in your retirement accounts
  • Make your retirement income last a LOT longer
  • Minimize the amount of taxes you pay when you are retired
  • Get way more money than you would with a typical 401K
  • Get access to your retirement savings BEFORE you retire
  • Sleep better at night

This is a summary of the approach described in the book “The Better Money Method: A Better Idea for Retirement” which is an 190 page paperback available on Amazon.

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